about electrodiesel
Electrodiesel is Andy Slater. Andy is 31 years old and based in the UK near Manchester. Influences include Joy Division and New Order, Orbital, Pressure of Speech, Front 242, and many many others too numerous to mention - describing his work Andy says "I never really set off writing with an idea in my head, I just let the sounds guide me ... I like things with an epic feel and don't like to get bogged down in over-complicated arrangements - I just like to make music that I feel is accessible to the listener".

ED came into existence about 2 years ago when Andy had to change the name he was already using. Electrodiesel is just one of the projects he is involved in (although it takes up most of his time now) the others being Hybernoid, Munins Wing and Sensoria - Currently only ED and Sensoria are active - to find out more about the other projects go to http://fly.to/hybernoid.

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