"Last time we saw Electrodiesel he (Andy Slater) was a reader demoist in FM65. 30 months on, he's signed to Canada's Something Inviting label and is creating some churning beats, analogue bleeps and deep fuzzy bass with ease. While America Sleeps is a carefully arranged concoction of dark electro, so where there's a low rumbling bass and a rough riff, there's alway a clean rhythm or sparkly electronic melody to lighten the mood, as on Avenir. The highlight is a tie between the housey but spooky Omega and the orchestral Dischord (fallen angel) - Overall rating 7 out of 10 Lisa Mcgee - [ Future Music FM102 ] .... Buy the CD

"Innovative techno tunes from the inspiring individual behind Electro-Diesel known as Andy Slater. Slater doesn't waste time in cutting through his own absorbing techno clatterings with torrents of melodic synth on this massively impressive CD. Neither is he afraid to crossfade his techno stamp with more suitable genres. 'Avenir' is the electro-techno of a Front Line Assembly offshoot, 'Earthspike' delves into industrial techno with some pulverising bass beats whilst Trayday II plays it straight, paying homage to the likes of Lazonby. On 'Omega' Slater delves into the dark side, swirling synth lines intermingle with a constant trance drone and stripped down percussion, never losing it's shape throughout. 'Whitestar' is Slater at his best, the spaceage lunar atmosphere shattered by pounding beats and a tremendously absorbing underlying melody. The pounding industrial techno boom of 'Gashead' meanwhile, is not to be missed. Without hardly a single bad track this is an unmissable release and deserves 'mass' distribution." Overall rating - MINDBLOWING - Danny Turner [ Barcode Webzine ] .... Buy the CD

"As the creator of the electrodiesel music video for the song entitled 'gashead' it was with great pleasure that I was allowed this special opportunity in which to explore the many visual possibilities that this piece inspires. I have since had the pleasure of listening to 'while America sleeps' from which this song came and must confess that this CD has not left my player since unwrapping it a week ago and remains in high rotation at my home. This creation demonstrates Andy's unique gift for inimitability as he explores a versatility of intriguing audio textures and creative experiments while adhering to a mature and consistent objective in both concept and execution. The depth of this CD is fantastic and my high regard for it is purely unbiased" - "Certainly worthwhile and highly recommended by yours truly" Sebastian Cluer from Toronto, ON Canada ....... Buy the CD