thanks and hello
Thanks and Hello (in no particular order) to all of the following:

veronica and susan slater; wayne, susan and wendy; janet lord; katy, tony, rosie & fizzy; alan and paul (Sensoria); alice and all the pickups; mickey & sophie; steve barker and fenny (on the wire); andy james; the orbital brothers; edward christie; meli & leonie; andy bennett, dave evans and duncan (hybernoid); bal kumar; craig pilling (; james & ash (talksport); jamal; alyce "v" conn; dave & mandy train (& all the little trains); martin, kathryn & alistair; mags; john & susan love; mr and mrs "e"; peter & elaine @; dave "muon" waugh; steve, avril & sam; konstantin (t29); mårten "norton" olsson; mark wheawill; dynamo-dave morris; ashton; vegasphere; glenny and mark; friends at 710, 2710 & 3810 and the many others I have forgotten.

special thanks to rick & sean and everyone @ something inviting records and in particular to Sebastian Cluer for his efforts on my behalf.

"While America Sleeps" is dedicated to the memory of jim slater and janet lord.